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Miami Deportation Defense Attorney

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For many immigrants, residency within the United States is a dream come true. As they seek freedom and hope for the future, this dream can come to an end for a number of reasons that can be cause for deportation from the U.S. Even the smallest mistake, such as a misdemeanor crime, can result in removal from the country.

If you have been given a notice to appear (NTA) by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office, you will need to secure the representation of our Miami immigration lawyer. At Sibirsky Law Firm, P.A., we can help you fight against deportation so that you have every chance of remaining in the country.

Winning Legal Advocacy

Facing Removal?

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Immigrants who follow the proper route to legal permanent residency are welcomed within the United States. People who enter illegally or violate immigration laws, however, may face removal. Deportation and threats of removal are used to ensure that immigrants comply with regulations put in place by the government.

You can face deportation because of any of the following:

  • You were arrested and convicted for committing a crime.
  • You entered the country illegally.
  • Your visa expired and was not renewed.

If you face deportation, you can fight to remain in and be part of this country. Find out what options you have available after receiving an NTA. Our South Florida immigration attorney can represent you at your immigration hearing and help you file an appeal for cancellation of removal if necessary.

Defense from a Knowledgeable Attorney

At Sibirsky Law Firm, P.A., our lawyer has experience working with a former judge in the area of immigration. During this time, he gained an understanding of what factors impact a judge's decision in cases involving deportation.

As you face removal from the United States, you will want help from our Miami deportation defense attorney. He understands how to defend against your charges to avoid removal from the U.S. You risk losing your case by trying to handle it on your own.

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